Sunday, September 7, 2008

OK OK the Rest of the Story...

So we make it through Al's awful night of stomach virus and it's the day of Hurricane Gustav. Alex seriously slept through all of it. He was so weak he was in the master bed room all day. So, we hung out in the condo and watched the rain and winds come through. Bless my girls hearts. They put on their swim suits just in case the sun came out. The weather never got too bad but the winds and rain were pretty steady.
Waiting on the rain to go away and come again another day.
Finally, late that afternoon, the girls got to go out to the pool for a little while. The sun was not out but the bad weather was gone so they HAD to go out and swim. My little water-bugs!
Here's a picture of the waves while the storm was coming through.
Loving on my sissies.

So, now on to the fun part. We decided to head out for a nice dinner so we went to the Fudpuckers down the road thinking it would be fun for the girls, which it was. Who knew it was the scene of the local rash of crime and arrests for the evening. We went pretty early to avoid any waiting, oh lets say 4:30ish or so. We got seated pretty easily up in the top level. It seemed to be where they put all the kidos. With good reason it would seem later. I had to visit the ladies room so of coarse all the girlies had to go with me. Well, it was a good trek back down to the front desk and the hostess told us to follow the yellow footprints on the floor. So we did just that. And we walked right through the inside bar and out to the outside bar where the real party seemed to be going on. It was even equipped with a Stripper pole for amusement of the inebriated I suppose (two guys were using it as we walked by). Maggie says to me, "Ooh Mommy they are having a party!" To which I say, "Yes a grown up party." After our potty break, we are walking around the sloshed foursome who are trying to take a picture and I hear a loud "THUD!" When I turn my head I see two young girls on their side lying on the floor. My mouth dropped to the ground. They had fallen off of their bar stools!! Mind you it's only like 5pm at this point. So we head on back to our table. I share our story with Nana & Pappy and we enjoy our nice dinner. As we walk out we head down to see the live Alligator swamp that Fudpuckers has. That part is really neat if you are ever in Destin. There are suppose to be over 100 little alligators in there. So as we walk out I see a Police officer yell up the entrance to someone and points his finger at them. So obviously somethings going down in the Fud. As the girls and Nana check out the gators I notice that they have one guy in hand-cuffs. Seriously??!!! It's not even dark yet. One guy with his family says to us, "That's LSU fans for ya." And as we head out we see at least 5 officers who all seem to be interviewing people. So from what Mom and I can gather some kind of scuffle took place in the open air bar and a guy hit two women. Yikes!! Maybe the two girls that I thought "fell" off their stools were actually knocked off and me and my innocent girlies were mere breaths away from our first live bar room brawl!! Whew, can we ever escape drama on this trip. Doesn't look like it does it?? When we got back to the condo Mags had to tell her Daddy that when we went to the bathroom, they were having a "Grown Up Birthday Party!"

However, the sky is pretty the next morning and Alex actually feels a little bit better. We had decided to not drive back until Tuesday b/c Al was so weak. But we did get in a little sunshine and beach time before we left that afternoon. Since we were in Destin and our neighbors were also I called Wendi and we discovered that we were staying very close to them. So once we got down to the beach Wendi, Todd and the boys were walking up too. The kids were so excited to see each other and they played and played. We all had a great visit and it was just a great ending to a wild and wacky Beach trip. Al, CP and I drove back that afternoon and were absolutely exhausted when we got home but we did get home all safe and sound. So Far no one else has come down with "THE VIRUS." What did I get from this trip?? Tons of laughs, some great time with family, appreciation for my sick husband and a wonderful sun BURN!!!

Oh, wonder what kind of adventure we can come up with next, you may ask. Just wait and see!!!!!


Kim Lawson said...

Glad you guys escaped the brawl and ended the trip on a nice note!

Anonymous said...

What a great vacation! At least you have exciting stuff to tell :o)

Joy said...

I had been waiting on the rest of the story. Glad you escaped the hurricane and the brawl.
Aunt Joy

Bethany said...

What a story teller you are...I enjoyed laughing and reading. Glad you made it back and glad everyone is well...we just got over "the virus" ourselves...NOT FUN! Love, B