Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to another rendition of the Hicks Family Auburn Experience. Should you wish to abort your mission please move on to another blog quickly because the spirit of Auburn may actually catch you and you will be affected and become a LIFER. Don't believe me?? Just ask my Husband!!!
Aren't they just the cutest future AUburn cheerleaders you've ever seen? Even some of the crazy tailgating LSU fans/students we had to walk by during the day oohed and aahed at my precious girls.
Ok so we didn't win but we gave it a heck of a try. Are there weaknesses? Yup! Could we have done better? Yup! Was the kicking game a little less than desired? Yup! Was I still proud of the effort and improvement against a tough team in contrast from the prior week? Yup you betcha! Will I still be PROUD to be an AUburn Tiger if we lose again (God forbid)? ALWAYS!
We spent another wonderful weekend tailgating in the Hicks' RV on the loveliest village for the Auburn/LSU football game (for you non SEC-ers out there). As you can see we took the girlies with us and although it was an exhausting time, we had so much fun that we are heading out for the TN game again on Friday. I was so thrilled to see the excitement on my girls faces as they soaked up the sights and sounds of being around all the Auburn hooplah and meeting new friends. It was AUsome!

WAR EAGLE!!! They say it with pride and love the fight song. There are so many stories from the weekend I can't begin to tell them all to you. I have decided to keep a few for separate blogs to come because I think they warrant their own space, so stay turned for those.

One of the girls favorite things to do while we were there was to ride our Blue with Orange flames Golf Cart while playing the Fight song. People would wave and my girls just ate it up. Sorry I didn't get a picture of it for you.

Here's a sweet picture of Nana and her Gracie in what looks to be a pretty serious conversation. They must have been discussing the game plan for the night's game or SEC standings or something like that. I doubt it but man what a cute picture. This picture was at the Quad center but that's for another blog on another day.
Also, Ms. Linda and Mr. James (not pictured) came to tail gate with us on Saturday. They are very dear family friends that just happen to live in good ole Auburn. We were so happy that they were a part of our AU game day! I do hope they enjoyed it because we did! My girls love them so very much!! Mom an Dad kept the girls for us at the RV while we went to the game and then spent the night with James and Linda. Thanks Mom & Dad for coming and staying with our babies. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed your Game Day with us! I love being with my Family and Auburn is one of the biggest families I have so it was a bonus that my parents were there too!! Don't get it? Just ask an AU fan.

Here's a picture of the walk to the stadium. I have not seen this many people in Auburn for a game in a very, very long time. I mean we always have sell outs and all but it was people, people, people and crazy everywhere we were. After the game we needed more gas for the HUGE generator Alex brought so he went out like 2 hours after the game. He said getting out was easy but it took him forever to get back because all the roads were blocked with traffic still trying to get out of town. It was after midnight before he got back.
So it's not the best picture in the world but this was the gorgeous Auburn sunset we got to see as the sun set over our beloved Jordan Hare Stadium. I didn't get any great shots of the game but our seats are just too high for that. HOWEVER, if you just didn't get enough AU then you can head on over to the Bowling Family blog for some great game shots and intellectual commentary.

Hang in there and I promise I'll get this AUBURN stuff out of my system. Well, maybe not but the next blogs will be stories of our adventures and not so much Love Auburn or Bust from me. However, I just can't help it, it just pours out of our veins. Have you figured that out yet?

Also, Thanks Aunt Joy for the very sweet comment you left on a previous blog. It's very touching when a huge Bama fan puts down their shaker to show some love to family!! Love ya!!

Love to all and Have a great day everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

You make me want to cheer them on too :o) War Eagle!!