Monday, September 1, 2008

It was suppose to be just a long weekend beach trip!

Where do I start???!! The holiday weekend started off great. My Mom and Dad took the girls down to Gulf Shores on Saturday morning. Alex and I went to the Auburn Game then headed down to the beach after that. The game was great!! We actually ran into the couple we use to sit by and tailgated with them for a while. We won the game as you all know! WOO HOO! Go Tigers!! We knew we would not get to the condo at the Beach Club until late but heck we were going to be at the beach for the rest of the weekend so we could handle a little late night driving. So we arrived at the condo around 1 am or so. We also knew that Hurricane Gustav was in the Gulf but we really thought that Gulf Shores was out of the range. (We would be proven wrong.) I'm using Al's work computer so I don't have access to my pictures so you'll just have to imagine the scenes until I can post the pics for ya.

Anyway, the next morning (Sunday) was when the adventure really starts to unfold. I won't say too much now. I'll have to make this a 3 or 4 parter so just to give you a few spoilers; it includes evacuation, throwing up, and a bar room brawl. Got ya interested yet?? Just know that my family typically has interesting adventures and vacations but this one might take the cake.

We aren't coming back until tomorrow b/c of the extenuating circumstances. You'll understand soon!

Happy Labor day to all! Hope everyone stays safe!


courtney said...

wow - i'm interested! hope you make it home safely. we're headed down there on wednesday.

Joy said...

I worried about you all weekend. Now I am really curious! We will be coming down to the Beach Club Wed. morning.
Aunt Joy