Sunday, September 21, 2008

Those precious tears...

OK so I will let you take a break from my constant rantings about our crazy lives or our love for Auburn (notice I did not say Auburn football - that just goes with the territory). But it's just a quick break though. Notes from our AU vs. LSU weekend coming soon so judge your upcoming viewing pleasure accordingly.
However, I HAVE to tell you about a precious moment that Clara Paige had last week. On Wednesdays mom usually just takes the girls to her house and I will go straight there after work so we can head to church from there and meet daddy. Anyway, last Wednesday I was on my mom & dad's computer (probably on the blog) and she comes in just bawling. My first reaction is Uggh, roll my eyes and think what now? but when I turn to see her I can see this is serious business. Her eyes are all swollen and it was real, true, emotional tears. I ask her what was wrong and she goes into this all choked up version of what had taken place. I hear something like this (imagine lots of short breaths in between words:
"I was looking at some pictures in a book of me when I was a baby. It was in the closet in our room and while I was looking I just started crying."
Huh?? I was confused so I do the Mommy thing and ask all kinds of questions to see if something bad or wrong had happened. You know the "Did you tear them?" "Did you get hurt while looking at them?" "Is there something you want to tell me?" Finally I ask her why she thought she was crying and she simple looked at me while still wiping tears from her adorable face and said, "I guess I was just so happy." It brings a quick tear to my eye to even type this because it's just so sweet. My baby girl felt her first sentimental emotion and had her first "woman cry" as you men out there call it. It just felt so good she cried and it made her feel better. I get it, don't you??
I think it was precious and priceless but when I told her daddy what did he say??? He just laughed and said, "Oh lord, yep she's a woman." Proof that Men do not get it!!!
Anyway, just thought I'd share before I head off into another Auburn story!!


Joy said...

Okay, her Aunt understands and is a little teary eyed just reading this. Be proud Clara Paige that you have a soft heart! And your Alabama Aunt thinks that Auburn played good. The clock just ran out while LSU was ahead. Now you have to love me for that! I am still dreading LSU and AU!