Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last Weekend

Well, I'm getting behind again so I'll go ahead and tell ya about our first real tailgating experience in Auburn last weekend. And yes, I did just get through watching the game vs. Ms. State and as UGLY as it was at least we came out on top. And Yes, I am being wordy again. Sorry!!
Alex's parents bought a 5th wheel camper this summer so we reserved it for the Auburn home games this month. Well, the first game of the season we decided to drive around and scout out our spot. As we were driving around Alex just happened to see a friend of ours that we met b/c our seats were by theirs for several years. Her name is Debbie and she insisted that we come up and see her husband David and meet their friends. Long story short these people were super friendly (of coarse b/c they were AU people) and offered to save us a spot for the next weekend since we would be "camping" for the first time on a game weekend. One of the guys we met was Bill. He is an awesome guy who is retired military and his wife is a traveling nurse. They sold their home and bought a REAL RV (you know the Big Bus kind) and now that is where they live. He camps the first half of the week in a Camp site and then comes over at 4pm on Wed. to set up camp for the home game weekends.
So Alex and I head out last Friday morning with the camper. Mom & Dad kept the girls and as always we love them for it. And for those of you, like me, who are not real campers, we had to take his Dad's huge Dodge truck in order to pull the camper. Bill was there and helped us get all set up and everything. Donna & Keith Strickland (Auburn and Church friends) came up later that night and with all the other camper/tailgaters around we grilled and hung out. It was great. There were some really funny stories and bizarre coincidences between us all. So, as I mentioned before, I am not and nor will I ever be a true camper. It's just not in me. So, needless to say I did not sleep well the first night. The camper is really nice and all don't get me wrong but I probably woke poor Alex up several times with my getting up, rolling around and whatever else I did that night.
However the next morning was game day so we all get up and chill out for a while and start getting ready for the game. Guess what, no hot water!! Something is wrong with the hot water hook up on the camper. Bummer, cold showers aren't too much fun. We do have some dear family friends that I could have bombarded so Donna and I could get a hot shower but with an 11:30 kickoff that wasn't really feasible. So cold shower it was. We headed off to the game and it was HOT. But by the 3rd or 4th quarter a small but strong rain cloud headed our way out of no where. We had even checked the radar before we left and it was clear but this one just had to come over the stadium. So Al and I ducked up under toward the concessions for shelter. It only lasted maybe 5 or 10 minutes so we decided to head back to the RV as Auburn was ahead enough that it was ok to leave (unlike tonight). We get back into the field we are camped in and Alex sees it first. Oh No! The awning on the camper is blown up on top. Yikes! Of ALL the campers in ALL of Auburn it had to be ours that was broken. I just couldn't believe it. So here we are trying to figure out how to get it down and if it can be fixed. Another nice AU fan came up and told us he saw it fly up and over with just a little wind. Seriously?! Donna and Keith had left early to head back to Alex City to get their girls, but I later found out while they were walking back to their car, the rain came and got them completely soaked. Yuck!
All in all the damage wasn't too bad so we just rolled the awning up and moved on with our lives. A cold shower after a hot muggy game really isn't all that bad. Later that night we grilled some more, ate, watched games on 3 different tv sets and talked up the night. It was great and ended on a good note. Our new buddy Bill set us up with a place to store the camper for the month for a pretty good price so we don't have to use as much gas, especially now with the ridiculous price gouging going on!!!
All in All I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back next weekend with our girlies: cold showers and all. I think they will just love it!! I love it b/c I'm in my favorite place on earth and I want my girls to experience that too!
I believe in Auburn and Love it!!! -- Only an alum of Auburn will understand that!


Anonymous said...

Only ya'll :o)

kimberly t. bowling said...

I am COMPLETELY with you on this, COMPLETELY. I believe in Auburn and love it, and we hope to pass it down to our children as well. Loved your commentary....we were stuck out in the rain in the stadium....but didn't care...we were at Auburn!! And we'll be there again on Saturday, too. WAR EAGLE!!!

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