Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Computers and Sweet Girls

OK folks you are now informed that we AGAIN have home computer problems. It looks like it has come down with a nasty virus of some kind. SO that means I'm limited to posting from Al's computer, my work (Shhhh) and Mom's computer. That also means I don't have access to my pictures. Oh the horror!! That's the most fun part. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder about the darn thing. It's like it's wanting to be put out with trash. Oh well, when it's all better I'll post some pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt last weekend. Maybe I can get some from mom to post. That might work.

Also, I have something I want to share with you. It was a sweet moment with my twins that I just need to document so I can come back and read it when I want or need to. Last night we were snuggled on the couch watching American Idol (remember Maggie's gonna be on it someday-you just wait). Anyway, my sweet Gracie looked up at me and said, "I miss Pappy." Well you can imagine what that does to my heart. I told her that I had missed him a lot that day too. And I had missed my dad more than usual for some reason or other. Mags joined in and told me she missed him too. But then she said the most intriguing thing:
She said, "But you know what?"
I said, "What baby?"
She: "He's always with me though."
Me: "Yes, you mean he's always in your heart, right?!"
She: (pointing her finger at me and winking-no lie) "You got it Mommy!"

Wow, I'm sure she's heard that from one of us before but Wow! The forethought of a four year old to put my thoughts in perspective. Gosh I love my girls!!!


Lani said...

That is so sweet! So comforting to know they think that way.

Kim Lawson said...

PRECIOUS! I tell you, PRECIOUS!!! You would never forget that even if you hadn't of blogged about it. But I am so glad shared it!

Anonymous said...

awwww.... Big HUGS!!

Joy said...

I miss him too, Maggie. I was driving down the road Tueday thinking about him. Sometimes I have to make myself realize that it is true!
Aunt Joy