Friday, April 24, 2009

And Finally Easter Post #3!

For my last installment on our lovely Easter weekend we will make our final stop at Meme and PawPaw's house. As you can see, my girlies got to dye eggs with their Meme. They usually do this every year.

And here's Easter morning with Mags smiling next to her goodies the Easter Bunny left for her. They were all so impressed that the Easter Bunny actually knew where to leave their stuff since we weren't at home on Easter morning. That Easter bunny sure is something.

And of coarse here are Cp and Gracie checking out all of their stuff. We're heading to the beach after school gets out so the Easter Bunny thought ahead and brought some floaties and beachy stuff this year. It went over pretty well I think.

Here's a picture of the lovely display before the girls tore into it!

And here is a picture of me and my precious girlies in Meme and PawPaw's front yard right before we left for church. Alex opted out of the picture b/c he was still in his sling.
And, well here's just a sweet ending to our fun and full filled Eater holiday this year.

Me and mom are off to Stone Mountain with the girls tomorrow so wish us well and throw a prayer or two in there somewhere if ya can. It's the first road trip with just me and mom and the girls. Alex works at Talladega so we decided to take off for a fun weekend trip. I'm sure there will be fun stories and pictures from that. Until then, have a great weekend.


kimberly t. bowling said...

Cute times....great memories. Hope y'all are having a wonderful trip this weekend!!

Kim Lawson said...

Love the pic of you and the girls!! Hope your road trip was lots of fun!

Anna said...

Precious! How sweet!