Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter - Post #2

Ok so it's been a whole week since Easter! The bunnies are all put away and the celebrations are over and here I am STILL posting from last weekend and I haven't even gotten to our actual Easter Sunday! Bare with me please. I know you may be well past it but well, it's my blog and I enjoy sharing with y'all!
The Saturday before Easter we always go to my Granny's house. This my mom's side of the family and well, it's pretty big if you haven't already figured that from previous holiday posts. There's always good food and lots of family fun for all of us, at all ages. Here we are right before we headed out. Gracie was with my mom that morning so she missed out on this photo op.

Here are all the kidos (great-grandchildren) and there are lots of them. Believe me! Between me and all my cousins we've managed to add on average at least one baby a year or so to the total. The kids were all anxiously waiting to start their Easter Egg Hunting Extravaganza (with one minor delay due to JB3's potty call)!!

Sweet Abby Claire and Clara Paige waiting on the eggs to be hidden. They are only around 5 months apart.

CP collecting all her loot!!

My darling baby girls on the Hunt for the Good Eggs. You know, the ones with either $$ or better yet candy in them!

Emma and CP were serious hunters and they worked pretty good as a team.

I have just a slew of cousins. Yes, I said slew. It's a pretty good term for all of us. I'm not going to take the time to count us all but on both sides of my family it probably comes around to something like 17 cousins in all. These sweet girlies are my ONLY 2 GIRL cousins out of the whole lot of us! Courtney is on my left and Jamie on the right. Love you girls! We don't get photos of the 3 of us together very often anymore so this is special even if we aren't dressed in our beautiful Easter dresses our Granny use to make for us every year!!

Here's the first of a few of my favorite "moments" captured from the day. These may not be perfect pictures but they certainly were "Kodak" moments for me. Nana and her Mags sharing some fun time together.

And here is a quick picture stolen of my man in his body cast. Ok, ok it's just a monster sling he had to wear for 3 weeks. Praise the Lord he's in a normal sling now and improving by the day!

And one of my definite favs from the day is the expression on my Mag's face after discovering some "goods" from one of her eggs. It's what holidays, family and childhood memories are made of if you ask me.
Only one more Easter Post to come I promise, and it won't be this long.
Love to all and have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You can make them as long as you want! I love reading about them even though you may have told me about it already. HUGS!!

Kim Lawson said...

It was more like John Brady's "poopy call"!!! Everyone should be glad we got that out of the way! :)