Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 More Weeks

Well, Al had his post-op appointment with Dr. Davis today and since he still can't drive I got to drive him there. Everything is looking fine. He got the stitches out today. However, he gets to wear the big sling for 2 more weeks. I know you are dying to see it so maybe I'll sneak a picture of him in it soon. Two more weeks of "the Sling" means a possible two more weeks off work. He won't start therapy until he's out of the sling. (I think Dr. Davis has Alex pegged and knows he needs to keep him in it to keep his shoulder safe - right honey??!!) I will say that Alex has done everything that Dr. Davis has asked of him to this point. And can I say we really like Dr. Matt Davis. He's been great so far and easy to work with. I've been pleased with using him through this adventure. So, for those of you who may need an Orthopedic Doc in your future, I think he's a good one. I know there are the "BIG" names here in the B'ham area but Dr. Davis is close by and knows his stuff! Anyone who can handle my Alex as a patient is a good doctor to me!!!


courtney said...

glad he's progressing well. thanks for the update!