Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter - Post #1

Ok since we have the computer back and it's all nice and healthy, I'm going to attempt to get you and me all caught up!

First off, Clara Paige now has lost both of her top front teeth. She lost the second one so soon after the first one I didn't have time to even blog about the first one. Anyway, she is our adorable snaggle-tooth for now!!

For the first installment of our Easter festivities I will share a little of our Church Easter Egg Hunt! Here's CP hunting away in the bushes.

This is my Mags with her sweet friend, Miss Erica Strickland! Erica won the second prize egg.

Here's a funny picture of my Gracie. Not sure what she's doing here. Maybe she's plotting her next attempt at finding eggs. She was all about hunting those eggs. They were pretty easy to find and were all filled with candy and other goodies!

And here's a pretty decent picture of my lovely little trio of girls.