Friday, May 22, 2009

A Girl & Her Dog

So, I captured some cute moments the other day between Gracie and our Kelsey dog. Since Clara Paige was born Kelsey has always been a good dog to our girls. Now, she doesn't just absolutely adore them b/c well, she was our first baby. As you can imagine she was demoted as the #1 child once babies came into the picture so she does harbor some resentment deep down inside. However, she tolerates our girls just fine.
So, a couple of days ago Gracie wanted to brush Kel. It sounded like a good idea to me b/c I've never seen our dalmatian shed as much as she has this year. Kelsey generally likes to be brushed. She just doesn't like being still for it. Below is how it all went down:

Chasing Kelsey all over the deck while trying to brush her. Kelsey wandering in the house, out of the house, into the yard then back onto the deck for some more brushing time.

Bonding begins. Kelsey gave up and plopped down so Grace could give her a good brush down. She decided this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Ahhh, they love each other. The dog is brushed and the child is happy. Priceless!
Maybe I'll go see if Gracie wants to brush her right now.

Next up: My New Jeep! Stay tuned.


Joy said...

Cute. Maybe she is going to grow up to be like the Mom in "Leave It To Beaver"......isn't she wearing a "Princess" gown while brushing the dog!
Aunt Joy

Anonymous said...

Very cute!