Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5th, 1949

That was a good day! Some of you may know what it was. Some of you may be wondering what kind of extra special Cinco de Mayo was that? But for me and my family it was the day one of the best men, husbands, fathers, and pappys was given to this Earth. Yes, there are tears running while I write this but that only means that I miss him terribly. If it weren't for that day 60 years ago, my mom wouldn't have met him, me and my brother wouldn't be here and neither would my sweet girls. He has 3 of the most precious legacies. That I do know personally. I don't have time to write all the things going through my heart today. I wish I did but I just wanted you to know so I could share my birthday wishes to my Dad with you and all the world. It's a strange thing this May 5th, 2009. I feel like I should be picking up the phone to call him to say "Happy Birthday Dad." I feel like I should be doing something to honor him. Maybe somehow me and mom will come up with something by the end of the day. I knew it was coming and I knew it would be hard but maybe I didn't know it would be this hard. However, I want my dad's birthday and my dad's memories to be something to celebrate b/c he was such an extraordinary person. He was a father, brother, neighbor, pappy, husband and a friend. He was a good man.
Happy Birthday Daddy!!
Hope you are having a great Cinco de Mayo up there.

PS-Also, you know I'm a music lover and that I get from dad. So, my plan was to put some of daddy's favorite bands on my music player for today.
***Hey, I finally got the music to work. Some of these might not have been his favorites but I certainly remember him singing them to me when I was a little girl.***
I'm going to leave them up for a while so enjoy especially if this is your kind of music!


courtney said...

we're thinking about you and your family today. love you so much!

Tesney said...

Aw, Michele...this made me cry like a big 'ol baby. I'm so touched by your love for your daddy. I know it's because I feel the same way about mine. He's smiling down, watching your girls grow up! Love to you!

Anna said...

Hey Michele,
What a heart felt post! I never knew your Dad, but after reading this, I really wish I had!... God bless you. I'm sorry that this day was tough for you. So much of life doesn't make sense. Maybe someday we'll understand...

Lana said...

Love you! He was a very special and sweet man. We are both Daddy's girls and I admire you for your strength and what you've shared. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Big Hugs, a day late! And even if you and your mom didn't do something specific for his day, you did it right here and you remembered him.