Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hurt Feelings.....

Yes, I have more Stone Mtn. pics for you but I had to post this before I forget it. Hurt Feelings is the title of this post b/c well, that happens a lot around here with 3 little girls and all the drama that comes with that territory. Anyway, last night CP and Gracie apparently bruised the all-too- tender feelings of Miss Maggie. I noticed she had stormed into my bedroom crying and closed the door. Within a few minutes Mags was in my lap to be sure I had seen her tears of distress. Here's the conversation that followed:
Me- "What's wrong with my Maggie?"
Maggie - (sobbing for affect) "My sisters hurt my feelings?"
Me- (Playing into the drama of it all)"Well which feeling did they hurt this time?"
Maggie- "The Second One!"
Me- laughter!!!!

Did you know that feelings were numbered?? Me either, but they apparently are and they certainly are fragile around this house. Wonder which feeling will be the next casualty? Will it be the 3rd feeling or maybe the 1st one. Who knows!!?


Anna said...

Ha! That is so cute! I love to hear what they come up with... You never know!

Anonymous said...

WOW! The second one is a big feeling to hurt :o)