Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Kidos

Here's just a quick few shots I thought were cute enough to share with ya. We're heading out on an adventure to Atlanta Motor Speedway tomorrow for the ATL Pit Tour Club annual Picnic. Then on Monday we head to the beach so not sure if I'll be able to post before we get back. I hope to get up picture of CP's last day of school soon too. We'll see.
Here is the beginning of what's to come and I dread it already. It's really cute now but it won't be 10 years from now when all my babies are walking around with phones stuck to their heads or better yet texting all the time. Who knows what will have developed by then. For now it's cute. Clara Paige was calling her best school buddy, Abbey. They were too cute because 6 year olds really don't have a lot to talk about on the phone.

And I threw this one in because it's so cute. I plan on taking another picture just like this when they are all teenagers. Of coarse this is my girlies in the Jeep with our precious neighbors Zack and Nicholas.
What a crew they are! I love 'em all!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute pics! And it will be great to get them all in the back of the jeep as teens and compare the pic's. But will they fit? :o)