Friday, May 1, 2009

Stone Mountain, GA!

We took our little excursion to Stone Mountain, GA last weekend and it was lots of fun. It's not a Disney World or anything but my girls enjoyed it so much. For me (and I think Mom too) it was just enough for the girls to be entertained and laid back enough we got a little bit of a re-charge while there. Unlike some of our family trips we've made in the past this one was with-out any major catastrophes or acts of nature! Sit back and enjoy our trip as I take you through it with me....

Here is a picture of the Mountain of Pure Granite (the largest in the world I'm told) with it's amazing and magnificent carving of the Southern Generals on it. I would tell you who they are but I forgot. I do know the middle one is Robert E. Lee. You can't tell from this picture but that carving is very old and unbelievably large. It took the men that carved it a very long time to do it. It was going to have much more to it but it was never finished. Mom and I stood looking at it and wondering how people can look at such wonders and not believe in a God! I remember coming here when I was younger and being amazed by it then too! Its worth the trip just to see it.

Of coarse one of their most favorite things was the swimming pool. They probably only stayed 30 minutes or so but were tickled to get to "swim" for the first time this year. They were very brave little boogers too b/c they walked all the way down to the actual pool floor at 3 ft. That's a first for them. They were so proud and well and so was mommy even if it was a small feat.

Here we are waiting for the Lazer Light Show Spectacular! Most of us southerners are familiar with this show but if you aren't its worth the trip. They take lazers and show them up on the mountain to make moving pictures with some fireworks thrown in too. The girls favorite part was sponsored by Chick Fil A. They took the cows from the commercials and made them up like High School Musical characters. My favorite part was the PATRIOTIC part where they outline the famous generals and make them move and proceed to a very touching American tribute! Lots of folks in this country might benefit from it!
Here's Nana and her Mags huggin on each other before the "Spectacular." The girls were so good waiting to see the show I must add. They say it starts at 7:30 but well it really doesn't start until the sun goes completely down.

Here are my girlies with their glow sticks right before the sun went down. They LOVED playing with their glowing little sticks of fun. Well worth the stop to the Dollar Store Nana made!

Here's a sweet picture of my girls sitting in front of the Stone Mountain Inn where we stayed. It was so nice and very convenient.
Well, that's all for now but I have more to post and more pictures from our trip. Stay tuned......

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time. We made that same Dollar Store purchase for our trip to the laser show last year :o)