Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's Play Some Catch Up!!

Ok since I've neglected my poor friend Blogger lately, let's do some catching up so I can get on with my life already and quit feeling guilty! heehee.

This was taken Mother's Day. It was a nice and relaxing day. Unfortunately My Hubbs had to work that day so it was a girls day. Me and my mom and the girlies took a trip out to see my Granny (the matriarch of my mom's side of the family)!! To know Granny is to love her. She's the best! Sorry I didn't get any pictures. The one above was all we captured. I wanted one of me and mom and the girls but the rain said otherwise!! It showed up like seconds after this picture was snapped.
** My brother was there for lunch so I guess it wasn't an ALL girls day!! Sorry Jonathan. Didn't mean to leave ya out. Love ya.

Next up is a quick picture of us and our dear friend Ms. Chanda (as my girls call her). Brad and Chanda Tomlin are precious friends of ours that we met while in Tuscaloosa. They were there for us in so many ways and we have tons of memories together. You might not believe this but as much as we LOVE the Tomlins, Chanda is one of the BIGGEST Bama fans you will meet. And we were really tight friends. Seriously!!
Anyway, Mr. Brad and Ms. Chanda are expecting their first sweet baby girl in just the next few weeks!! This pic was from her baby shower in Tuscaloosa. CP and I trekked down there for the event. It was so special to see Chanda and all our Ttown buddies that we miss so very much.
We can't wait to meet sweet little Miss Henley Tomlin once she arrives.

And finally, I went with some work buddies to Sips N Strokes on Monday night. I'd heard all about this experience but never been to one. This location was on Hwy 280 and once we FOUND it we had a blast. Just for anyone out there that might try to venture out to this particular location - "Sips N Strokes" is NOT on the outside of the building. We did NOT know this bit of information so needless to say we were LATE! The instructor even nick-named us the Slackers in the Back. Ha! Anyway, I do recommend this adventure to any girls (or guys willing) out there that need a night out! I noticed lots of friends, moms and daughters and of coarse co-workers. So, above is my masterpiece. It turned out pretty good considering all the laughter and giggling that was going on in our little corner of the room!!
More to come soon!!


Anonymous said...

cute cute pictures. And you are very talented... where are you gonna hang it?

Kim Lawson said...

love your masterpiece! knew you'd be great at sips n strokes! you've always been a great artist!

Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

We have a sips n strokes in Atlanta and I have been twice. I love it! I painted the "funky tree" the first time I went... yours looks awesome!

Anna said...

Good job on the art work!! We miss our T-town friends, too! :)

kimberly t. bowling said...

Great job on your painting... glad you had a good time. Tis good for the soul to be out and about experiencing life and it's pleasures.