Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach Trip -Post #1

Well as promised, I am beginning to document our trip to the beach. As always there's chaos going on at my house as Alex has an upper respiratory infection AND strep throat but I was determined to get at least one beach post on the books. When will the madness end?? Haha. Anyway, enjoy....
In my family we just can't start a trip to the beautiful Gulf Coast without visiting LuLu's Restaurant on the Inter Coastal Waterway. If ya don't know it's owned by Jimmy Buffett's sister, LuLu. It is just one of those places that has excellent atmosphere and lets ya know you're on vacation and at the beach!! We love LuLu's!!!
Of coarse one of the first things the girlies had to do was go for a swim. Thank goodness for daddys that get in the water with their babies.

I LOVE this picture of Gracie and CP! There's nothing like the love of a sister.
I forget where Maggie was. Probably back up at the beach chairs or somethin.

My girlies and their daddy coloring before bed. They love it and I loved that daddy did it with them!! Special, quiet time bonding moments!

Mags diggin in the sand with her shovel.

Diggin with PawPaw. These pictures are so much more precious to me now!! My dad did this with our girls since the very first time CP could sit up in the sand! I don't want to miss getting a picture like this ever again.
CP taught herself to hold her breath underwater. I was so proud of her but I think she was more proud of herself. GO Clara Paige, you little fishy you!!!
My sweet Twins waiting to go get ice cream at Scoops that second night we were there. I might be biased but they sure are cute!!
More beach madness to come soon so don't flip that channel!!
PS- do continue to pray for the Spivey family. Thanks guys!