Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day - Bittersweet

I just wanted to post quickly about today. As you all know, it's Father's Day. I just want to mention 3 of the best Fathers I've ever been blessed enough to know.

Of coarse there is my loving husband, Alex. He is an excellent father to our 3 girls! He is strong and such a leader to our family. When we need him he is always there. I know my girls will learn determination, passion and durability from him along with sensitivity and humility. And you know what? He's getting better and better every day! I'm excited to see how the years go by and his relationship with our daughters grow and grow into that special bond b/w a girl and her daddy. I love you, Alex! I couldn't do it without ya!

Also, I'd like to take a minute to celebrate my father-in-law. He is a great man and loves his family tremendously. He is a giver and wants everyone to be happy. My husband learned a lot of great things from him and one of them is to be an upstanding and honorable man. I thank him for that. He's a wonderful PawPaw to my girls!! I don't have a picture handy of him at the moment but I'll add one later on today!!
Love you Earl/PawPaw.

As you all know this is my 1st Father's Day without the person who defined that role for me. It's hard; I won't lie! However, this is a day of celebration and not sorrow. My dad was and will always be my hero. I learned to be selfless from him. This picture is from last year's trip to the beach. The last one he took with his girls. This defined him to me. He would dig in the sand as long as his grandbabies wanted him to. If we were on the beach, chances were he was digging or building some kind of sand castle just because they wanted him to.

This is his day and he deserves every bit of credit for being the best Dad to me and my brother that he could have ever been. I love you Daddy!!


Courtney Long said...

i've been thinking about you and your family today. i love you.

Lana said...

Very sweet post. Love you!