Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CP's Awards Day

We're at the beach this week and loving it. I got lucky and there is Internet access in our condo so I can do some catching up on the blog so maybe I can get some beach shots in soon!
Clara Paige's class had their awards day the day before school let out. Here's a picture of her sweet little class. She had an excellent year. CP won the Best Listener award because she always kept Ms. Cunningham in line on what she had said that day. I'll agree with that. She's got the memory of an elephant. She NEVER forgets, ANYTHING!! We loved her teacher, Ms. Cunningham this year. We will miss her next year when my baby starts 1st grade!!!
This is her best buddy she made at school this year, Abbey. I think Abbey and Clara Paige were pretty inseparable throughout the year. We plan on getting them together for "play dates" this summer.

And finally here is CP with Ms. Cunningham. She was a blessing to us this year. She took in my baby and helped her grow into a wonderful and independent student!


Kim Lawson said...

Great job, CP!!