Thursday, June 4, 2009

Planting at Elmwood

Last weekend me, my mom and the girls headed over to Elmwood Cemetery to plant some flowers in my Dad's family's plot to honor my dad. That's where my dad is buried. As morbid as that might sound, it's actually a place of peace for me. I thought going there would produce feelings of anxiety but it really doesn't. It's where so much of my family history lies and Elmwood itself is a Birmingham landmark.
Nana and the girlies watering the flowers.

The twins raking up leaves and debris with their little rakes. Too cute.

If you've never visited Elmwood, you should. There's lots of old Birmingham families that have places there like the Brunos and Lavoys. Anyway, there are these concrete statues there that are amazing. This is just one of them that my girls are standing under.
Here's a pretty bridge the girls are standing on. I know it seems weird to be taking leisure pictures in a cemetery. Believe me it's not something we do often but like I said Elmwood is different and for some reason I like it there.
Oh, and by the way for all you bammers out there - your precious Bear is there too!!


Joy said...

Michele, I want to do a post about Elmwood also. There are people there that my kids need to know. I was going there from the time I was CP age because of my sister and it is peaceful.
Aunt Joy