Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th - Another special day

Today is my Mom & Dad's Anniversary.
Another 1st for us since we lost him last fall.
What a special day it must have been. The love between my mom and dad was unsurpassed.
I can not begin to imagine how my mom feels today but thankfully she is with good friends while we are still here at the beach. I can't imagine what my life would have been like without my dad in it. I wish he were still here so badly. Several times since we've been at the beach I've imagined him here b/c he loved being with his girls on the beach. He would always dig and build in the sand with them. He was my mom's rock. Wherever, whenever and whatever my mom or us wanted to do, my dad was there going along with it.
Please remember us today, especially my mom. Getting through all these firsts is a rough ride but we are a strong family and we will make it through each one of them and be stronger for it! Daddy would want that!
** I just have to add that while we were getting ready for "annual beach pictures" this morning Maggie was just talking to herself and said "HAPPINESS IS PAPPYNESS!" She then told me she said that because she was thinking about Pappy. Isn't it amazing the mind of a child. I had to bite back my tears because it was so precious!!


Courtney Long said...

what a sweet picture! you can see the joy in both their faces. thinking of your mama today.

Kim Lawson said...

Just love Maggie's new saying!! Sweet girl! You and your mom have been in my thoughts. Must of have been difficult for you to be away from your mom on that special day. So sorry you all have to go through all of these "firsts". Love and hugs to you and yours!