Saturday, March 28, 2009

11 Years and Counting!!

Yes, It's been 11 years today that Alex and I became man and wife. This year's celebration may be a little different since well, he's a little immobilized at the moment. But we're gonna try to at least have dinner brought in or something.
I figure 11 years is something to be proud of these days but let me fill you in on what I feel is something to be even more proud of. You see this 14 year old teenage girl met this 15 year old guy almost 20 years ago. She'd known of him before through her good pal Bethany Smith (Staats). However through some church devos and phone conversations this boy and girl figured out they had somethin kinda special. They went to different high schools and they had (for the most part) different friends. Heck they had very little in common at all. He was the strong, athletic guys guy. She was the quiet, polite and not-at-all athletic girls girl. However, what they did have was the beginnings of an incredible friendship that would lead them to the story of their lives and a common bond in the faith they had in the Lord. They dated all through high school and on into college. There were several nay-sayers along the way but the depth of their friendship kept them dedicated to one another. There were always turns and some bumps in the road but what a journey it was and still is.
You may find this to be completely corny and well if you do I completely understand but you may know that my girls LOVE ( I MEAN LOVE) them some High School Musical; particularly HSM3! Well, it turns out that Al and I actually enjoyed the movie ourselves too (well the first couple of times we've seen it). I think one of the things we like other than the fact that its cute and funny and portrays teenagers in a moral light, is the fact that it's basically about a teenage guy and a teenage girl that work through their teenage problems and find they trully are meant to be together! Sound familiar?? SO, the song on my blog today is dedicated to those two teenagers that muddled their way through life to grow up to have a wonderful relationship with each other and 3 beautiful little girls to show for it, if I do say so myself!
I love you Alex from the day I met that 15 year old boy to the man you are today (all broken ribs and torn up shoulders and all)!!

Thanks to those of you who have hung with us through the thick and thin of those last 20 years! Here's to many many more to come!

"No Matter Where Life Takes Us
Nothing Can Break Us Apart
I Just Want to Be With You."


kimberly t. bowling said...

Happy Anniversary to the 11 years of Marriage....and to the 20 years of following your heart down the road to true everlasting love. :)

Kim Lawson said...

Happy Anniversary to a couple that truly knows what it takes to stay a couple!!!

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary and....Get Well soon.
Love, Aunt Joy

courtney said...

happy anniversary. :)