Monday, March 16, 2009


Well I'm not sure where to start! Forget the broken computer, I know have a broken Alex. I'll give more details soon but just wanted to let you guys that do not already know that Alex had a pretty bad 4-Wheeler accident yesterday. Basically he was thrown off the thing and had a fight with the ground and the ground won! After some chaos and confusion and a long trip to the Shelby Baptist ER we made it back home late yesterday afternoon. So, he's ok but in lots of pain. He has a separated shoulder and is laid out in our recliner. It could have been lots worse but he's gonna be down for at least a couple of days!
Say a little prayer for him and for us all! It's Spring Break around here also and raining so the kidos are stuck in the house for now! Pray we all survive the week, Nana included!!


Kim Lawson said...

Oh,no! I hope Alex gets to feeling better real soon! I hear shoulder injuries are very painful!! Take care and keep us updated.

Joy said...

Bless his heart. Uncle John had that same fight with the ground and pretty much the same injury with a few broken ribs thrown in. The ribs healed but the shoulder still bothers him. Get well soon Alex. We will be thinking of you.
Aunt Joy

courtney said...

dave told me he saw your update on facebook before i read the blog - i couldn't belive it! i hope he feels better soon.