Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Keyboard Chronicles

Well, let me start by saying that I am very, very frustrated at the moment. I am posting from my husband's work computer. Shhh..... don't tell his boss ok? I feel the need to explain the computer issues I have been having lately so you really don't give up on reading my blog. I enjoy sharing our shenanigans with you all!
Oh a few months ago Clara Paige unintentionally spilled my drink onto the keyboard of our computer. Well it's come to my attention that I need to explain that we have a laptop computer. Therefore you can see the severity of the incident. Sunkist and any computer part is a disaster. Sunkist and a laptop is worse. SO, we turned it off and let it dry out for several days. When we turned it back on as we held our breath.....whew; It worked! Hallelujah! The keys were a bit sticky but they worked!!!
So, I used my computer with it's sticking keys and all. One day I sat down at it and the keys seemed different. They weren't so sticky but some of them were kind of lopsided and uneven. Huh?? Turned out my loving and helpful husband tried to clean them so they wouldn't be so pesky and sticky. Unfortunately those things must be left to the professionals or something because as much as he had good hearted intentions, the keys are dying one by one. Some of them don't have the letters left on them, some have to be punched several times. Well today I can't get the thing to let me log onto the desktop at all b/c our password has an "H" in it. The darn thing won't recognize our "H" at all. I'm thinking we can just hook another keyboard to it but I have to be able to get to the desktop to do that!!!! SO, bear with me please!! There may be less pictures of my precious family for a while but stay with me. Let me know you are still out there and we'll get through this together!!
Stay tuned............


courtney said...

aww.. bless your heart! hope it gets worked out - i know it's frustrating to not have your pc working correctly!