Friday, March 13, 2009

OK our Snow Pics Finally!

Sorry, these are so overdue and I know most of you are way past the snow stuff but unfortunately, I have had the "luxury" of a nice visit from Mr. Strep Throat this week. It's been awful! So here are some pics from the 2009 Snow at the Hicks home. I have a cute video also but Blogger didn't like it and I am tired of trying so maybe I'll work on that another time. Enjoy!

My babies in their 2nd snow of their sweet lives.

Daddy and his girls braving the snow going to get our neighbors mail. They were in FL and missed it all. Sorry Wen!

The Hicks Home in a blanket of snow.

CP in her snow attire!

We love to wear our summer clothing while we watch the snow come down. Well some of us do, Maggie!

Kelsey in her 2nd snow ever also. And she's 8+ years old. She loved it!!

My precious girls looking all Aspen-like! Well kinda! They're cute that's for sure.

And last but not least are our lovely snow people. If ya know us you know pink is definitely a signature color in this family so what better than a Snow Lady w/pink hat an hair along with her snow child!
More to come soon...... I Hope!!


Kim Lawson said...

Love the snow pics! Your house looks really pretty with all the snow on it. A snow-lady, how clever! Cute! Cute! Cute!

Hope you are feeling better! I know about those throat probs and it's no fun!!

Joy said...

Kelsey looks like she has her own snow "camo".
Aunt Joy