Friday, March 20, 2009

The Rainy Zoo Trip

Let's take a break from my circus of a life right now and move on to other animal related issues. Last Friday, Clara Paige's class took a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo. Since I was coming off of a stay with Mr. Strep Throat, my wonderful mom got the joy of accompanying CP and her buddies on this adventure. Nana loves to do things with her girls but a trip to the Zoo on a wet and rainy day probably is not her choice. I think they still enjoyed it none-the-less!

They were in a group with CP's school buddies, Sasha and Abbey. Abbey's mom was along for the ride also. Here they are in front of the Camels.

They got to feed these colorful birdies. I can not believe my girl was cool with this fowl landing on her but she seemed to love it. Mom took a great picture of Abbey's mom with one on her head but I figured she might not appreciate it being broadcast to the whole Internet.

Here's a great picture of my CP but I'm not sure what kind of warthog or whatever that is in the background.
And here's the gang again in there lovely color coordinated rain ponchos. Although it was a cruddy day weather wise, I think my little girl had a good time.
Thank you so much mom for going with CP. I really appreciate you jumping into the rainy situation just like you always do! Love you!!


jennifer said...

I have been on a few Birmingham Zoo fieldtrips when we lived in North Alabama. Your pics took me back :) Beautiful children!!