Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 4 of Us!

Let me start out by saying I don't have any pictures of me and my gal pals for this post because I am a dork. But if I can get some old ones scanned in this weekend then I'll add them for you to see. I know for me it helps to put faces with names of people I'm blog stalking, oops I mean reading about because I care so deeply about their lives! Heehee. Ok allow me the sarcasm, I'm having an emotional week. More on that maybe another day. I hope you do take a minute to read though. Especially if you have special girlfriends in your life too!

Ok so let me get started updating you on our goings-on. A couple of weekends ago I had a "Girls-Night" with some precious and dear friends that I have known most of my life. There are 4 of us and we have all been in each other's weddings and such. We have a very special bond and loads and loads of memories. Bethany, Katy, Emily and myself were quite a pack back in our school days. We all grew up going to church together at Homewood Church of Christ. Not one of us even went to school together and we were such a close crew. It worked that way for whatever reason. Needless to say they have been and still are a strong support system for me. There have been times in our lives that we moved on. We all grew up, went to college, married, careers, children and all but the invisible thread that ties us together across all the miles and years has never broken. I can't tell ya how much I love those women! But if I need them, they are there! And the same for me. If they ever need me they know I'm there for them w/out question. You know that song, "Find out Who Your Friends Are" well, that's us but not quite so country. (if you don't get that then go listen to the song.)

Anyway, we all planned a get together and it was a blast. We all brought old pictures and boy was that fun and scary all in one. Oh the hairstyles and clothing choices we all made over the years. We stayed with Emily that night and talked so much and laughed so hard I think my mind just almost overloaded. That's the way we are when we get together. But let me tell you, it was almost like a cleansing and spiritual experience to share and compare our lives as friends, daughters, wives, mothers and children of God. It did more for me than I think I can put on this page. If you have some girlfriends that hold a special place in your life, it is so worth it to take the time to plan a special gathering with them. Believe me if you do it you will be so glad and not regret it but cherish it. As a woman, there is nothing like the blessing of having special, amazing, strong, beautiful girlfriends in your life.
AND again I'm so sad to say that I was the dork and forgot to take any pictures! I had my camera just got caught up in the conversations and all so I forgot! So sue me. Really, don't sue me but anyway I just had to share this with you because it was such an amazing experience for me and I hope it was for them. I love you gals!!
Lets do it again definitely!

BTW -I do have pictures of my girlies playing in the drive-by snow we had last weekend. I promise to try to get them up this weekend. Ya like that prhase....."promise to try".... kind of a commitment but not really! ;) Love you all!


Joy said...

Hey Michele, I am back commenting. Things have finally calmed down a little around the Lawson house and then I forgot my password. I think of you, Jonathan and Linda everyday. My nieces are still beautiful. See you soon I hope.
Love, Aunt Joy