Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sneezing can be Funny.

Yesterday Mom and I took the girls out to do some errands. We ended up at Veteran's Park in Alabaster enjoying the pretty weather (and the pollen). Anyway, we were taking a nice walk on the walking trail and Clara Paige sneezed. I'm not sure which Twin said something to her but the next thing we heard was Clara Paige saying:
"Well, that's because I Ach-ooed on you!"
It was funny. Not sure why she used that terminology since she knows what a sneeze is. So watch out for all that pollen out there. It might make ya "ACHOO" on somebody!
PS-Alex is slowly getting better and we are tryin to get back into some kind of schedule around our house. He goes to the Dr. this afternoon so I'll catch you all up to speed soon.