Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yeah, you read the title right. If you don't already know, Alex will be having surgery on his shoulder tomorrow afternoon to repair the damage of the shoulder separation. It's gone from a 1st degree to a 4th degree separation since last week. The best thing is to have it fixed. SO, I'll let ya know how that goes tomorrow evening!
That being said it's safe to say that things will be pretty hectic around here for a little while longer. I'm sure they'll give Al some pretty good meds but I wish they would give me some too. I'm gonna need them almost as much as him. Heehee.

On a good note, my computer problems seem to be over for the moment. Alex got a new keyboard for our home computer. Oh happy day!!

Love you all and talk to you soon!


Kim Lawson said...

You know we are thinking about you guys. Saying a prayer right now. Love you all!!

courtney said...

good luck - let me know if we can help with the kids this weekend.