Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at Granny's

Every year my Mom's family gets together at my Granny's house for a Christmas get together. There are a ton of us. And when I say that I mean it. There are at least 15 great grandchildren at this point and one on the way (NOT MINE)!! My Granny is the best. She is over 80 and gets around just fine. We always eat, a lot, and the kidos get to open presents. It was really nice to be with my family. Again, one person was missing and that was hard but being with family is comforting all the same!!

My Granny, Me and Mags!

Daddy and one of his little elves.

The girls waiting to open presents.

Aunt Charlotte (Red Charlie) brought silly string. Here the kids are loving it and spraying it on everything and everyone that got in their path!

Here's little Lawson man, my cousin Courtney's little boy. He's so cute and I thought this was a great pic of him.

Here is Red Charlie making jingle bell necklaces with the girls. Everyone got one and somehow we ended up with all the extras at our house. The girls loved playing with them and it kept them busy!! Thanks Aunt Charlotte for loving on my girls!

Here are the twins opening their gifts.

CP and Abby Claire going strong tearing into their loot.
And one more sweet hug full of Holiday Cheer.
More to come soon from our Christmas celebrations.


Tesney said...

So glad y'all had a good Christmas. I thought of you during the holidays.

BTW, I had no idea your girls called Charlotte "Red Charlie". That is hilarious.

courtney said...

Love the picture of Granny! so good! puppy chow sounds sooooo good right now. that stuff is awesome!