Thursday, December 11, 2008

Move Sun!

Well there's another Maggie story to be told. Imagine that. As we were traveling the long 5 minute road home from dropping CP off at school on Monday morning our Mags got really disgruntled with our main light source. The girls were watching a DVD and it was quite sunny that morning so the sunshine was beaming into the van right into Ms. Maggie's eyes. This is what I heard from behind me.
"Move Sun! Move!"
"Oh I can't see Sunshine!"
"Aw Sun You are giving me a headache from shining in my eyes!"
"I still can't see. Oh Sun move to Gracie's side of the car!"
Gracie interjects a strong "No not my side!"
"Well then move to Mommy's side of the car Sun!"

Hmm... I knew Maggie was my more self absorbed child but I didn't really know she thought she could actually bully the sun into obeying her command. I bet she thinks she can move mountains too.
You just keep up that determination my little show runner! I love you for it my Mags!!