Monday, December 29, 2008

GNO - Girls Night Out

Well ok we didn't go out but we had fun. After Granny's that same evening we had a Girls Night at my house. No boys were allowed. I'm pretty sure none really cared to be there either. Kim Lawson actually planned it but when her mom got ill she didn't feel like she could make it. (Her mom is getting out of the hospital tomorrow so Yippee for them!!) Anyway, Rachel came and brought her girlies, Emily and Bailey. We also invited my neighbor Wendi b/c well she is surrounded by boys most of the time so we thought some girl time would be good for her. It was a great time to just relax, play, bake, talk, giggle, and just be girls. I really needed it and maybe I'll make it a quarterly thing. Sound good to you girls???

Here the girlies are playing with play dough in their jammies.

Baking and decorating sugar cookies. Ms. Wendi helping out with the sticky icing!

Making People Puppy Chow. Yeah, sounds funky but it's really good and made with chocolate and peanut butter. You actually shake it all together in a garbage bag. Yep, a real, true garbage bag, well a new one that is. The girls thought that was funny and enjoyed helping.
If ya want the recipe let me know. I'll have to get it from Rach.


Robby and Rachel said...

Me and my girlies had a great time at GNO (except for all of the difficulties that we always have actually arriving at your house :) Count us in!