Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Pageant at Meme's

As I said earlier, Thanksgiving went fairly well and was pretty low key this year. I personally felt terrible so it was kind of a blur. However, after lunch at MeMe and PawPaw's house we were entertained by the 1st Ever Hicks/Hall Thanksgiving Male-Female Pageant. (We're politically correct in this family - however, it was Park's choice not ours) See below at the gorgeous beauties in their lovely gowns and jewelry provided by House of Meme Designs. Hehee. Sorry Louis I just had to post these b/c they are so cute!!
Ok, one of me and my Pretty Gracie but she wasn't up for pictures at that particular moment.
Introducing Mr. Park Hall of Northport, Alabama. His hobbies include one word phrases, biting, and hanging out with his cousins. (Wen and Lu might not let him play with us anymore after this but let me clarify I had nothing to do with it.)
Here are all our contestants lined up with their beautiful dresses in jewel tones. Handbags, sequins and beads are all the rage this year. Let it be known Park's is a manbag, not a purse.
I just have to share one more pic of my adorable nephew. We all love Park to death because he marches to his own beat and doesn't care what others think. You have to hand it to him that at 2 years old he is already very confident in his manhood while in touch with his feminine side, a woman's dream.
Don't hate me when you are 16 Park, please!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! LOVE IT!! Everyone is ADORABLE!!

The Wonderful Whatley Clan! said...

C does not understand why he can't be a princess too. He would have loved the pagent as well!