Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leave it to Maggie.....

As we were leaving our Church Children's ministry Christmas party(pictures soon) last Sunday night Maggie went to tell Ms. Candy goodbye. My girls just LOVE Ms. Candy so they were loving on her and right before we walked out Mags went and hugged Ms. Candy and was so honest and sweet as she wished her a "Happy Thanksgiving!" It was so cute and we all giggled. Ms. Candy was so gracious as she said, "Why thank you Maggie. No one has told me that this week."
Later while me and Mags were all snuggled up watching some TV, I tried it again to see if she just said the wrong thing earlier or what. I said, "Happy Thanksgiving Maggie." She smiled and said to me, "Why Thank you Mommy. Happy Thanksgiving to you too."
Sigh, I think we need to work on our seasonal transition skills at my house. Kids are so funny!!


Tesney said...

At least she's moved on from Halloween! :)

Lana said...

Too funny! She loves them too!