Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To Catch ya up...

Well, just a quick note on what's going on in our house. We have officially all been sick off and on within the last several weeks. The girls all had some kind of virus with a nasty cough tacked on. Alex and my mom also got it. They are still trying to shake it. Mom went to the doctor and has an ear infection. So, I thought that maybe by the grace of God I had squeaked by w/out getting it this time. I mean somebody had to stay well. Haha!
Last night as I was trying to wrap a few presents I noticed that my scratchy throat was beginning to hurt. Within an hour I felt absolutely awful. So yes I am also sick and actually went to the doctor to get a shot. Hallelujah for those!! I only go to the doctor (as much as we love him) when absolutely necessary and well, with Christmas a week away and lots of weekend plans I HAD to get better. Too much to do. And for right this moment I feel a bit better. We'll see how the night goes and what tomorrow brings. Wish us well so we can attempt to appreciate and enjoy our holiday as much as we can. We have enough to combat this year, being sick just isn't an option. Hope you are all stay well and happy through the holidays.