Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rainbow Omega Decorating

If you have never heard of the organization of Rainbow Omega then you have missed out. It is a group home setting/facility for adults with special needs. Our church helps support this organization and it is awesome. The residents of Rainbow Omega grow beautiful flowers throughout the year and sell them at different churches and such to make money. Anyway, our small group went last weekend to help the residents decorate their homes. I was really glad we went b/c I want my girls to get to experience these types of things. I believe that people with special needs have an extra special place in this world. They love unconditionally and do not discriminate. My girls absolutely loved it and we will be sure to make this a Holiday tradition for our family.
Here are my sweeties waiting to board the church bus. Man, they thought they were hot stuff getting to ride in the bus.
Here they are decorating one of the trees. They were such great helpers and so patient. Their new buddy, Mr. Jeff Speegle, helped them hang some ornaments. My girls just love Jeff and call him Mr. Wobbly for some reason! Clara Paige saw him on TV the other night and got all excited. I guess we forgot to tell her he was a newscaster!! heehee.

Here I am with two of my favorite people in the whole world. This was a special day and experience for me and Nana and our girls. Poor Al was sick so he missed out but next year we are all going again.