Friday, November 28, 2008

Bye Buddy.....

Hope you all had a heartwarming and cherished Thanksgiving. We did I suppose. Of coarse it was bittersweet but we made it through. I still have birthday pictures to post but I'm at mom's and don't have access to my pics right now however, I do want to share with you all one of my family's favorite scenes from one of our favorite Christmas movies. We love ELF and laugh at it all the time. You may have to stop my music playlist in order to hear it. Although part of me is dreading the Holiday season for obvious reasons it is also such a festive time that I'm thankful for the lightheartedness of it all. I do look forward to that part. So, I would like to think I will try to post more often in December (maybe everyday but don't hold your breath) even if for just a quick note or cute saying. Remember, Santa Claus is watching you. Have you been nice??

I love you all and have a great weekend!


Bethany said...

Hey, we love this movie too! Way too funny for words - "it's gi-normous!" - too funny!

I hope you are doing well, you've been in my prayers and on my mind for the last few weeks and wanted you to know I love you!