Friday, November 14, 2008

Yard Art at it's Finest!

As promised here is a picture of the lovely yard art my creative young nephew, Jackson, placed in their front yard last week. According to his mom, Wendy, he was so proud of his accomplishment. I'm not sure mom and dad were so thrilled but hey they definitely have instilled the Alabama pride in their son. And might I add that this might just be the only form of Alabama pride you will see on this blog. I may have other things on my mind and my priorities may have shifted recently but do not doubt my love of Auburn. Yes, even in the midst of failure I am still proud to be a tiger! Only the love for family could make me post this well, that and I thought it was just so funny!!
Note to self: Hide all spray paint next time Jackson comes to visit!!


alison said...

Michele, that Jackson sounds like a smart young man! I knew somewhere in your family was some crimson blood. ROLL TIDE!

Joy said...

You are a good Aunt!
Love you, Aunt Joy

Tesney said...

Funny, funny, funny...especially since it is not MY yard. ;)