Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're just Squitting!

So, my computer is acting up so if I go missing for a while it might just be b/c we're having some "work" done. However, this weekend we all went down to Auburn to just kinda get away and go to the GA game. Yes, we lost but I was still proud of the valiant effort in the midst of a rocky season.
We stayed with Mr. James while we were in AU. So, on Saturday morning the girls were running around in his back yard yelling, squealing and playing. They decided to play "Ring Around the Rosie." Al and I warn them not to sit down at the end of their little game b/c the grass was wet. So when they got to the "All fall down" part we called out again not to sit in the yard. SO, Miss Precocious Clara Paige sweetly yells back, "We're just Squitting!" ????? What? What the heck is squitting?? We cracked up. I think it must be the new catch phrase for a cross between squatting and sitting. You'll have to get her to demonstrate next time you see her.