Friday, November 21, 2008

Party for two please

As I stated yesterday, tomorrow is a big day for my babies. They have been planning this shindig for a LOONNGG time. At one point they wanted multiple birthday parties with multiple themes: High School Musical, Tinkerbell, Hannah Montana........ So the executive party planner (ME) decided that Tinkerbell it is. You might have already seen this cutie patootie picture but I added a few bells and whistles (thanks Rach for the website)! There are trully a lot of things going on and a lot of hurt to go around these days for so many around me but my girls deserve a special day with lots of smiles and hugs and love! So that is what they are going to get darn it!! I'll be sure to post pics from the party but again my computer is scheduled for a much needed visit to the computer doctor soon so bare with me on that.
Also, I will continue to give you updates on Kim's mom and today she is having more surgery. More prayers are needed for sure. I know they need healing but also peace and comfort and understanding for what they are going through.