Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Uncle Lumpy's Wedding!!

Still on the mend, but I look at this blog as a sort of therapy for me so I'm going to share with you some of the things you have missed out on in light of all the traumatic happenings within the last few weeks.
Uncle Lumpy (Chris) got married a couple of weekends ago. Uncle Lump is Alex's best best friend, well other than me of coarse. He and his lovely new wife, Ms. Heather (to our girls) had a beautiful ceremony at a precious church in Helena, AL. Here are a few of the many pictures I took. Unfortunately I did not get a good one of the bride and groom together in their beautiful wedding attire. Good job Michele!!
Maggie, Uncle Lumpy and me- and Heather in the background if you look closely. She looked beautiful and I appologize that you can't see it. Maybe Lumpy can email me a picture to insert here for everyone!!
Alex was the best man, hence his nice looking tux. Doesn't he look handsome? This is one of his AU roommates and our good friend Chris Barnett. (Chris, bet you thought you were never gonna make the blog - HA - you did!) His whole sweet family was there. Chris and his wife, Tonya, were attendants in our wedding and we were in theirs! Gosh, life passes by so quickly.

Mom and her sweet twins! They have been a source of light for us these last several weeks. I'm glad we got some beautiful pictures of them at the wedding. Maybe I'll do a slide show for ya soon.

Now, it's kinda ironic that this is the picture I got of the bride and groom together. It's a long story that you'll just have to ask me about another time but Heather surprised Uncle Lumpy with this nice, new shiny motorcycle as they were leaving the church. He thought they were leaving in her sister's convertible until this sweet ride came coasting up (well it was suppose to anyway)!
Be careful Uncle Lumpy on your new toy and as I've been told - you better stay off the interstate!! ;)

Good Luck to you, Heather and Lumpy, and God bless you and your marriage! You are precious friends to us and have seen us through lots and lots of moments in our lives!! We love you!!