Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

I still have things to squeeze into the blog so I might not be going in chronological order for a while b/c some of the pictures I need are on Mom's camera. And lets face it, I'm not working on all cylinders right now!
So, today you get some adorable pictures from Halloween night. It was a bittersweet night but Daddy would be smiling the whole time at how adorable his girlies were. Since Auburn isn't fairing so well right now we needed some super-heroes to protect my precious Auburn Cheerleaders as they cheered their way down the street trick-or-treating. I felt much more at ease knowing that Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear thought enough of my little AU girls to take time out of their busy schedules of crime fighting to lead them up and down the street collecting their candy stash! In appreciation for their services and bravery they were allowed to collect some candy of their own. Luckily all the bad uns' seemed to be at bay and we had a wonderful evening with our heroic neighbors!!

The gang all smiles after their candy run!

Here's a cute pic of them again all smiles. However this was before Spidey was let off duty so he was still incognito at this point. You gotta love the muscles!!
So, War Eagle, To Infinity and Beyond and Spiderman wishes to you all!!


Anonymous said...

You know Spiderman and Buzz will drop everything for your AU cheerleaders. It was a great night! :o)

Alison said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful night full of fun and lots of candy! The girls looked cute...even if the poor babies were in orange and blue. LOL!

Please know we are still thinking of you all everyday. We love you dear.