Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're 4 now ya know...

Yes my babies are 4 going on 14 now. As promised here are some pictures from their Tinkerbell saturated birthday party. Here they are hyped and pumped up before the party! Notice the Tinkerbell hairdo and blue ribbon specified by the party girls.

Wonder what they are giggling about?? Just thought it was sweet.

Another pre-party picture. Say that 3 times fast!!
They got all shy when it came time to sing Happy Birthday to them. (Notice John Brady Lawson in the background with his Purple Fairy wings on.)

Me and my twinkies. Hard to believe that 4 years ago they came into this world and turned mine and Alex's upside down (But for the better!!!!)

Cousin Parkie Poo wearing his Pirate attire. I had to do something masculine for the boys and since Tink was in the movie Peter Pan and in Peter Pan there was Captain Hook then I included these cute dress up accessories. Like the logic?? Thank you Halloween for being right before their b'day.

The Birthday Cake table. The cake was adorable and came with two Tinkerbell decorations on top(thanks Publix for understanding the competitive nature of twins).

Miss Megan Brimingham and her Lime Green Fairy wings. There was fairy magic all through out the room with little birthday fairies floating and flittering all around.
Emma holding her buddy Mr. Park.

My sweeties and their new, pretty Tinkerbell dollies after the party. It was a special but bittersweet day however, on the way home my Mags said, "This was the best day ever!!" That is exactly what I was shooting for, especially this year. Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their Saturday to celebrate the lives of my Maggie and Gracie. We love you all!!


courtney said...

those are precious pictures of the twins at the top! i'm glad they were able to have a great day. we were thinking about you guys thanksgiving day. love you.

Kim Lawson said...

Michele, I hope Brady doesn't see that pic of John Brady! LOL

Bethany said...

I cannot believe they are four! Whew time flies by. I can't believe my littlest is almost 9 months already.

Your girls are too, too cute! Congrats on getting through the big birthday day!